Introducing Dashboard Hub on the Marketplace

I am Lior, from the App marketplace team at and I am here to share some of apps that improve your workflow and look forward to connecting with the community!

First up, I’m excited to tell you about Dashboard Hub, a new addition to the marketplace developed by Appfire after reading some of your suggestions. Dashboard Hub is designed to help you manage data effectively, integrate various data sources, and share your insights externally in a secure manner.

Dashboard Hub highlights:

Enhanced Data Visualization Capabilities:

Dashboard Hub provides a rich set of features to visualize your data. Use pre-defined dashboard templates, nearly 100 metrics, and Formula Cards to create tailored data presentations.

Centralized Data:

Integrating with more than 10 different products, Dashboard Hub turns your dashboard into a single, centralized data hub, making data management easier.

Secure Report Sharing:

Share specific reports with external stakeholders using Public Links, keeping your entire account secure.

Use Cases:

  • Product Management and Marketing teams: With Dashboard Hub, teams can create centralized dashboards from various boards and external integrations that provide valuable insights at-a-glance, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Sales teams: Utilize Dashboard Hub to visualize your sales pipeline, and gain advanced insights. Make use of a pre-defined sales CRM dashboard and explore data with gadgets designed explicitly for monday sales.

  • Development teams: Use Dashboard Hub to track sprint progress, set goals, collaborate, and make decisions based on real-time data.

Discover the advantages of using Dashboard Hub by experiencing it firsthand.

Visit the app page in the marketplace - Dashboard Hub

We look forward to your feedback on Dashboard Hub and how it enhances your data visualization on!"


Hey there!

This is Gorka Puente, Principal Product Manager for the BI/Reporting category in Appfire, the company behind Dashboard Hub for I’m thrilled with the reception this app has received in just a few days!

Happy to discuss with the community, receive feedback and improve the product to adapt it to your needs.