Is there a way to get all kinds of boards via the API?

Is there a way to query multiple board types at a time? From what I can tell, in the API, the board_kind argument for the boards query is an enum and not an array. The only values allowed are “share”, “public” and “private”. It’s also a bit surprising that when querying boards without any arguments, that only public boards are returned and not all boards. (Documentation)

It would be great if I could do a query like:
query { boards (board_kind: [public, private]) { id}}}

That way I could specify exactly which board kinds to query. As an alternative, adding an “all” enum value would also work for my use case.

If there isn’t a solution, I guess I’ll need to make multiple API requests to fetch all the available boards for each type, then combine the results.

If you want ALL board you can simply omit the board_kind, so: {boards{id}} will give you all boards in the account. Where do you read that only public boards are returned?

Thanks for your reply. When I try this out (e.g. via the API Playground) then the query will only return public boards.

I believe in the past, the API documentation mentioned that the default is public. Though I just checked and the documentation doesn’t mention this.

I’m not sure if something recently changed since I posted this, but by default private and public boards are now returned by the API when querying for boards.