Is there any video file type that previews in browser - without having to download first?

We upload a lot of videos. They are uploaded in MP4 standard, from a Monday Form. However, when we want to view the videos, we have to download them… :expressionless: :no_mouth: Is there any way, or any file type that can be previewed in the browser?


MP4 I would use handbrake to convert

Thanks @nealb do you know what video types can be played directly in the Files column?

none I believe which is kind of a shame

@andyroo182 be happy to let you know that we currently have an App in development which will allow you to do exactly this.
If you would like to have a chat about any specific requirements you may have please feel free to book via below link and we can help you out.
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Thank you from the Team here at JT’s Cloud

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