Issue with quickstart: "Unexpected token {"


I am having trouble following the quickstart as on this page.

After I run npx @mondaydotcomorg/monday-cli scaffold run ./ quickstart-react I get the following error message in my console.

Anyone familiar with this issue and how to resolve it?
Thank you.

Hey @amit.lzkpa ,

what version of node and npm do you have?


Node: 8.16.0
NPM: 6.4.1

Try to get a newer version for both of them.

I use

node: 12.18.2
npm: 6.14.6

For me it works fine.
Tell me if that helped.

I actually went around and created my Vue based quickstarter from scratch.
Would be happy to add it next to react starter sample if you accept PRs?
Thanks for looking into it.

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@amit.lzkpa – if you end up open-sourcing your Vue quickstart, please share it on the community!

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here it is: Vue Starter Project for Monday Apps

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That is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for sharing this resource with the community in this thread :slight_smile: I really appreciate you giving back here.

I’ll make sure to reference this post in case anyone else runs into issues using Vue. I’m hoping this can solve a lot of problems for many teams using Vue to create monday.apps :slight_smile: