Locating Subitem Board ID

Hello! Could someone help me figure out how to locate a Subitem Board ID? Thanks in advance!

hi @Amandalindsey

Through the UI you can open a subitem (as if you want to write an update) and your subitem boardId for that specific subitem can be found in the url


Note that this no longer seems to be true. I used to use this method but noticed recently that when opening a subitem (as if to add an update), the board ID shown in the URL is still the parent board ID. I have to use the API to get the subitem board ID.

hi @avp

Good catch. Indeed the URL shown when opening a subitem has been changed recently. The only option I see is to use the API. In the API playground you can enter this one:


Where 123456789 is the boardId of the parent. The output will show soemting like:


Where 987654321 is the boardId of the board holding the subitems.