London full-day certification program

Hi Community,

I am excited to share that the certification program will be in London on December 1st and our community gets 10% off with code: community10

At this full-day professional workshop, you will learn the methodology for building workflows and have the chance to practice advanced skills while receiving help from our team.You’ll walk away from the in-person event knowing:

  • The steps involved and the right methodology to build advanced workflows
  • How to approach a deep dive discovery
  • How to use Boards, Dashboards, Connections, and Data flow to create a functional
  • advanced workflow

Not only that, the workshop comes together in an exclusive package with our online certification course that will teach you a wide range of advanced skills.Don’t miss out on this one-time package to receive in-depth training and skills.

Register and get 10% off with code: community10 Spots are limited!

Hi there,

I’m an independent consultant and am doing an increasing amount of work with I’m interested to go through the certification process and become an official partner.

Unfortunately I cannot make this date. Are you planning to be in this training in the U.K. again any time soon?