Looking for a Monday.com expert to help our company to integrate our in-house build database with Monday to import/export partner information


My name is Peter from PhoneBox. I’m a wholesale manager at PhoneBox who’s looking to hire a freelancer Monday.com integration expert who can work with us to integrate our in-house built database and Monday.com.

We are a mobile service provider in Canada (www.gophonebox.com) that works with over 500 active referral partners and over 50K end users. We want to build a robust CRM that communicates with our database to efficiently manage our sales and marketing.

If there is any Monday.com integration experts that have worked with telecommunication company before, I’d like to connect and talk about this project. Feel free to contact me at “peterp@gophonebox.com” and let’s find a good time to connect.

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Hello Peter!

Welcome to the monday community, thank you for sharing your request with us :muscle:! My name is Giannis , it’s nice to make your acquaintance.

I am an Implementation Consultant for thespelas.com. Here at thespelas.com we have a proven record of working using monday, having accumulated considerable expertise creating monday integrations, implementations and customized solutions for over five years. We have a truly global footprint and have worked with many a company all around the world .

We are experts at building extensive CRMs customized to your needs. We also have a great deal of experience with telecommunication companies, having collaborated with many European firms from the Telecom Industry.

@Athlos (Thanos) will be reaching out to you via e-mail shortly so you can book a Free Strategy Call. I sincerely hope our services can be of use to you!

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If helpful, we used a company called Provident to help us with some custom integration between Salesforce and Monday.com, so they may be able to help and they were very good at understanding our needs and helping us with the desired outcome.


Hey there,

I’m excited to learn about your growing team and the opportunity you have for a Solution and Implementation Consultant based in The Netherlands. It sounds like an engaging role with a lot of responsibilities and opportunities for professional growth.

I’m particularly drawn to the diverse nature of the job, from designing solutions for customers to conducting consultations and demos. It seems like a role that requires both strategic thinking and hands-on problem-solving skills, which align well with my experience and interests.

I appreciate the emphasis on customer satisfaction and the collaborative approach to ensuring success with monday. It’s clear that building strong relationships with clients and understanding their unique needs are key aspects of the role.

The culture you’ve described, with a balance between hard work and relaxation, as well as the focus on continuous learning and development, is exactly what I’m looking for in a company. And the opportunity to work with a dynamic and young team at The Sales Studio sounds like a great fit for my career aspirations.

I’ll be sure to send my resume and motivation to walter@thesalesstudio.nl. Thank you for considering me for this exciting opportunity!

Best regards,carcombiner