Make a Formula field that reads out a selection of the Name field

Hello All … If the name of an item in Monday is i.e. SC08016 …
How do I make a Formula column to show only 08 ?
The amount of digits after the first two digits is not always 3 … its just 3 in this example

This is a naming convention for scenes in a video, there

08 is the episode
016 is the scene number

Cheers. Nils

Hey @nmalexandersen good question!

Have you already tried using the CONCATENATE and LEFT or RIGHT functions? That’s what I would recommend in this case! This article may be helpful for reference: List of all available formulas.

Hi, @nmalexandersen - Here’s exactly how to do what suggested:


is the formula that will first pull out the SC08, and then pull the last 2 digits (08) from that. Only caveat is that your episode format needs to always be 2 digits (01, 08, etc.)

Here’s a video demonstration:

Thanks a bunch PolishedGeek :slight_smile: