Make JS embed for forms so they are responsive on mobile

We, and our clients, use JS form embed for lead generation, as iframes are old tech and limited when it comes to mobile responsiveness. 70%+ of our leads come from mobile forms.

Right now the Monday forms are all old and limited tech, iframes, where you have limited options to include them in a simple structure fitting a brand look and they are non-mobile responsive. You can’t “tweak” the settings and make it work as the structure is decided in the builder. Changing size and rgba does not mean responsive.

Consider offering JS script embed, like Hubspot forms, so they can be used in a responsive setting and align with a brand look.

This image link is JS form embed on mobile (hubspot)

This image link is IFRAME embed Workform on mobile (monday)

The only way we, and our clients, can use the iframe is to dedicate a full or half page, confined to the color and structure of the iframe build. Where all that is needed it the simple form structure as responsive JS. This would allow for perfect implementation into designs and follow the modern norm of responsive use.

Thank you.