Managing multiple portfolios

I’m setting up to use for Portfolio Management. I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to handle the information for each of the departments. I have a separate board for the Ops Team Projects and a separate board for R&D/Quality Projects and want to build a corporate Portfolio board for senior leadership that pulls in the projects and actively updates based on each of the other boards. Is there an efficient way to do this? Is there a better way to handle the setup? Thanks for any pointers!

Hi @AMiyake :wave:

There’s no specific ‘right way’ to set up the account, as it really depends on what works best for your team.
That said, generally when different departments are working within the same monday account we tend to recommend using a hierarchy like this:

  • Create a Workspace for each of your departments (More on this here: The Workspaces)
  • Within each Workspace you can use folders to group together boards. This could be a folder for each Quarter or year, or it could be to group together boards relating to certain projects.
  • You can then create boards within each folder for the individual projects, to-do lists etc.
  • For your senior leadership you can then use Dashboards to pull together data from different boards to get a more high level view. You can combine boards between folders and workspaces as long as you have permissions to view all of the boards used in the Dashboard. More on this here: The Dashboards

You can read more on how to organise your account here: How to keep your account organized

Hope that helps!



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