Merge table cells in workdoc table

In work docs, you can insert a table, but you cannot merge table cells. Many of my users want to merge cells for header rows, etc.

Can we add in the feature to merge cells in Monday docs?

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We would LOVE to have this feature too!

Please and thank you.

This is ridiculous! I have found that the tables in the doc dont even have the basic function of merging cells, updating font colours together for a row or column.

To create a table with a header I need to create two tables. One with just the one row/column so it looks like a merged cell and then under that another table with rows and columns, this is so stupid. How come this wasnt considered. This basic table creation.
and then to make it worse if I need to change the font colour do it one cell at a time!!! seriously! You cant just pick the table or row or column and do this. again how stupid is this… such a waste of time!