Mobile App - Timeline "Sort By" View Not Matching Desktop

Hello i am currently having an issue and want to know if Monday plans on fixing this issue so the Mobile app users have more freedom in how that sort their timeline view.

Currently because we dont need every member to be apart of the dashboards we filter on the desktop by “Staff User” which is a link to another boards listing all staff as apose to a “Person” tab as not every staff member has been added but we would still want to be able to track their work.

On the mobile app it only allows you to view by a “Person” tab which is inconvenient because i now either have to invite every member and spend more money so the mobile app is user friendly for our staff or create a “Person” tab so i can assign active users to their jobs. This is a fix but not the cleanest fix as now i have 2 tabs for assigned staff to the job.

A long term fix would be to allow mobile users to change their “Sort By” views so it can be matched by the desktop app views. Would allow more freedom as is used by various different professions and flexibility is massive.