9 Course LIVE Masterclass

Hi monday Community!

I’m the training specialist @ Work Perfect. I’m hosting a 9 Course LIVE Masterclass in a couple of weeks - join me if you’re looking for a basics to intermediate course on!


Hello. What is the cost for the Masterclass? Thanks.

Hi @cmohrmann Our masterclasses are FREE till June 30th.

Well, that will be an early morning 4am GMT+2 :sweat_smile:

Too bad that all the meetings are that early in the day, will try to attend at least the 3 that are most important to me. Thanks for offering this free course.

Is this still happening?

I sent out participation requests twice but never received an answer, invitation or link.

With the first course of interest being in a few hours, I would be happy about an answer.

HI Timo,
We’ve been sending you invites to the sessions but unfortunately all emails are bouncing back. Could you please check spam folder?

Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated.

I think it might be company email filter, I will check if your mails got stuck there. Sadly I missed last nights session, let’s see if I can figure out, why your mails bounce back.

Have a nice day!

Hi Timo, May I add you in our masterclass on the same topic on future dates ? We are running masterclasses throughout June.

I have tried 2 seperate Email adresses now, one from work and one from home, seems I am out of luck joining the regular way.

If you could invite me for the 3 classes “platform rigor, advanced concepts and dashboards & reporting” I would appreciate that very much.

Feel free to choose any date in June, as the trainings are outside of my regular work schedule anyway.

Thanks in advance!