Monday Doc Export PDF problems


i created a simple Monday document template, that i want to export as a PDF on various projects. The document exports fine, but when i added in a small image (our logo), when exporting to a PDF i get 4 blank pages. I tried customer support but got a generic bot answer back saying its a problem with the image format.

The image was a simple JPG format, and small at a few hundred kb. I have tried a few other images and get the same problem. Any ideas what i am doing wrong, or how to fix?

check out the image resolution with proper recommended sizes eg 500*500 for logo

Hi @stevesommerville :wave:

Have you considered something like docugen? That allows you to control the asthetic and the template of the document (which you can base in word or pdf) and then you use placeholders to bring in the relevant data from the board.

It won’t give you any hassle over your logo anyway.

Let me know if you’d like a chat around this or a demo.

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