Monday is awful in browsers with limited size: adding dependencies

I have a limited screen resolution of 1280 x 720 (please, don’t answer me with “buy a bigger monitor”), and being forced to use Windows 10, when I use Firefox in that environment it loses a lot of pixels on address bars and such, so there is not a lot of real estate for rendering web pages themselves.

So, I end up with struggling with things like these:

I’m looking at a board; I add a new subtask; and I want to add dependencies for it; I get a “Choose subitems” in-page popup list, but its cut in the browser window:

I’m thinking - ok, no problem, I’ll just scroll with the main browser vertical scrollbar on the left; but no: as soon as I click that scrollbar, the “Choose subitems” popup disappears.

Ok, I’m thinking, then I’ll just click again to show the “Choose subitems” popup, and scroll using the mouse wheel - but as soon as I make one scroll down (which also moves the main browser vertical scrollbar), the damn popup disappears AGAIN ??!?!

If I scroll with the mouse focus in the “Choose subitems” popup, it does scroll, however the bottom part of the popup is still cut/clipped by the browser window boundary, so I still cannot access the last items. If I had the real estate from the columns below where it says “Planning” to the top of the page, then I may have accessed the bottom of the popup, but of course, that entire top part is fixed and does not scroll (and in my use case, it takes up almost a third of the available vertical real estate for the webpage).

AAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!!! This is awful! Who out there thought this was usable web design? You do employ web designers, don’t you? It should not be my job to waste hours to anonymize screenshots and write bug details, especially not for a product we pay for.

So, is there a workaround, so I can access the “Choose subitems” popup menu in its entirety in this context? Or could you at least make it so, that if “last UI event” in the browser, is a mouse wheel scroll, then do NOT hide/disappear the “Choose subitems” popup?

Yes, it’s pretty annoying when that happens. The workaround for now is to decrease your browser “zoom” size (at least that is what it is called in Chrome) and increase back when you are done.
The shortcut for that is Ctrl+scroll

Hope this helps :slight_smile: