Move item to board error

Im trying to write a query to move an item from one board to another.

this is the example from the docs:

mutation {
  move_item_to_board (board_id:1234567890, group_id: "new_group", item_id:9876543210, columns_mapping: [{source:"status", target:"status2"}, {source:"person", target:"person"}, {source:"date", target:"date4"}]) {

This is my query (I’ve removed the ids for this post) :

mutation {
    move_item_to_board (
        board_id: 0000000000,
        group_id: "0000000000_group",
        item_id: 0000000000, 
        columns_mapping: [
            {source:"id_number", target:null},
            {source:"email", target:"text9"},
            {source:"text", target:"text0"},
            {source:"text8", target:"text"},
            {source:"status1", target:null},
            {source:"dropdown", target:"dropdown37"},
            {source:"dup__of_referral", target:"dup__of_referral"},
            {source:"phone5", target:"phone7"},
            {source:"date", target:null},
            {source:"date2", target:null},
            {source:"status_1", target:null}
    ) {

I’m getting this error when sending via postman

    "error_code": "GraphqlGeneralError",
    "status_code": 200,
    "error_message": "Columns mapping is not in the expected format",
    "error_data": {}

Can someone help me out, I don’t see what is wrong with my query. To me it looks the same as the example query unless I’m handling the nulls incorrectly or something.

Thanks in advance.

Hi@Appoly_Ben ,
Unfortunately this query only support in the API version 2023-10 for now.
you want to include the version with in header section of the query, we also face same issue and used HTTP like as below by and it works fine.

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