New app feature build upload failed


Last time I get this issue too when I tried to upload a new build:

But it was resolve after 1-2 days without changing anything on our side

And now I’m getting this related error again (the same was uploaded successfully few days ago), is there any where I can check what is the exact issue that block me from uploading my build? Or is there a page can we check if service is down or something?

Br, YarHuoy

I have uploaded successfully after a few hours. I’m wondering is there any page we can check the status like

Hello, has a status page which you can find here.

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Hi @yarhuoy!

Thanks for being so quick. Yes there was a bug surrounding this issue but it should now be fixed as you noted.

As @kolaai suggested, it’s a good idea to keep your eye on our status page for changes/bugs in our platform.

Hi @kolaai @Helen , thanks for your respond and the link!


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