New apps 5M complexity buckets for reads and writes

:sparkles::sparkles:Hi everyone!

We have made some changes to our API complexity rate limits that I wanted to share with you all.

For all apps, we have broken up complexity buckets for reads and writes to our API. Now, each action (read and write respectively) will have 5 million actions a minute each. You can test this out in your apps!

Keep in mind: for all queries and mutations made in your Developer’s Playground area (i.e. with your admin token), the complexity limit will stay at 10 million a minute for both reads and writes. This means we only implemented the complexity buckets for apps .

Here is an example of what you will see:
mutation response

It’s also important to note that if you query information back regarding the mutation that you made, the complexity budget of your mutation will be affected, not the complexity budget of your query. This means that if you need to query a lot of information back regarding the change that you made, it might be better to include an entirely separate query call after your mutation runs!

I’m also happy to announce that we have added the ability for you to query the complexity field for your mutations in addition to your queries! It will work exactly like it does within queries, with a before, after, and reset_in_x_seconds fields.

An example:

Try it out and as always, let us know of any and all of your feedback!