New `create_doc` mutation

Due to popular demand, we’re excited to present the brand new create_doc mutation that allows you to create a new doc in a document column! Check out the documentation and give it a try :page_with_curl:

mutation {
  create_doc (location: { board: {item_id: 1234567890, column_id: "monday_doc"}}) {

Is there a way to change the document name from “Untitled” on creation? I read through the docs and did not see any mentions for modifying the document name.

Hi @dreww,

Welcome to the community!

At this moment, we don’t support that, but I gave the team your feature request :smiley: Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Hi @dreww,

Just wanted to follow up directly :slight_smile:

We just added the option to create a new document in a workspace. When creating the doc there, you have the option to create a custom name. I still put in that feature request to create a doc with a custom name in a monday doc column.

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