New dashboard - enable batch selection

I’m using the new dashboard engine (though this is also happening in the old dashboard) and the option to select an item is grayed out. When I hover over it, a message pops up that “batch selection is currently unsupported in this view”. Is there any way to enable it, or was is never built yet?

Hey Soroh,

Thanks for raising this.

So that I can get a better understanding of the context in which this is happening, are you able to confirm where you’re trying to batch select items? Is it specifically within a dashboard (i.e. via a table widget) or are you attempting to batch select in a specific board view? Any further information would be greatly appreciated :pray:

within a dashboard, via a table widget.

Thanks for confirming Soroh! At this time, batch actions isn’t a feature that’s supported within our widgets - apologies for the setback :pray: I can go ahead and convert this into a feature request for you if you’d like? :slight_smile:

Yes please!
As an aside question, is there any workaround?

At this time, I am afraid there’s nothing too creative… I’d advise making the changes (/ bulk moving the items) in the native board prior to making changes in the dashboard to workaround the limitation, however I assume being able to move items within the dashboard is apart of your desired workflow/process so I am sorry for the setback :frowning: