New feature alert: apps in workdocs!

Today marks a big milestone for all of us! :rotating_light:

We’re so excited to announce the brand new doc actions feature that allows you to build apps that users can access in workdocs. This feature bridges the gap between the marketplace and workdocs by bringing app capabilities to a previously untouched product.

As a developer, you can now access an entirely new market, ideally leading to increased app exposure, adoption, and usage. The opportunities are endless, and it will help foster innovation in our marketplace. You can use the doc actions feature to:

  • Generate content from a user’s prompt using AI
  • Translate content to other languages
  • Retrieve data from other sources
  • Reformat/restyle content

As part of this release, we’ve created new APIs and SDK methods to enable easier interactions with workdocs. Our documentation can also help you further understand the doc actions feature and build your own app on top of workdocs.

This sky is the limit with the doc actions feature, so let’s get to building! :hammer_and_wrench:


Hello @rachelatmonday,

Thank you for the announcement and well done to the devs for this milestone.

There is an issue though, the apps symbol which was once present is no more present. Could you please look into this?

Hi @kolaai!

Thanks for your question! As this new feature is in beta, we are still making improvements to it, hence why the icon disappeared. For the time being, you can turn on the feature in monday.labs using the steps in this guide.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please reach out if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response. Very helpful :slight_smile:

@rflynn Do you know roughly when this will become available again? As a developer, I’m hesitant to create a new app doc action for fear there won’t be enough traffic driven to it. Though I understand that with new features things like this can happen. :slight_smile:

Also, do you know when this feature will be out of beta?

By the way, I appreciate you opening more things up for developers in monday!

Could you share with us what is the status of this issue? Are document actions still in beta? I’ve noticed that it is available by default for newly created accounts. How does it work for long-time subscribers and pro/enterprise accounts?

Kind regards,