New feature: App settings view

We recently released the app settings view, which provides a global location to display an app’s settings! This feature is not a traditional view but functions similarly by enabling developers to render any content inside an iframe.

Users can access this view using the Settings tab on the Installed apps page. They can also select the Go to app settings button in View settings or click on their profile picture > Admin > Apps > three dots (…) > Settings. These buttons will open the Settings tab on the Installed apps page. A standalone modal with the settings view will open up if your app isn’t listed on the marketplace.

Checkout our quickstart guide to learn how to implement this new feature!


@rachelatmonday That’s a really nice addition.

I’m doing some test in order to build an App Settings view for General Caster.
Basically I need to access the subscription API object to show some usage stats based on the plan the user is currently on.

I see that a sessionToken is sent in GET to my custom URL.

How can I use it to authenticate without using the Monday JS SDK?


@rachelatmonday @Matias.Monday Can I get a feedback? Thanks.

Hi @rob!

Thanks for your question. I’ve reached out to our R&D team to find out and we will update you as soon as we have an answer :slight_smile:

I am also going to loop @alessandra in this conversation as well. We appreciate your patience!

Hi @rob!

You can use the OAuth flow to get a token and then use this to query our API

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Sorry, @alessandra, but I don’t get it.
If I perform a OAuth2 process, the user is redirected to the permissions page and must accept them to continue.
Can’t I use the sessionToken directly to get the authorization? NEVERMIND: I’ve just fount that the sessionToken actually contains basic information only.

Hi @rob,

You’re right!

You can either have the user go through the OAuth flow or opt for seamless auth via the SDK.

Is there a way to store the app global settings within (similar to monday.get/set(“settings”))?

Hello @ashraf,

There is no way of storing the app’s “global settings” as of today.

We do have a request open for this so I will add your vote for it :grin:


Is there a way to show the settings page after the user installs the app?

Hi @benjineering,

There is no way to show this as the default view because settings need to be accessed through the Administration tab of an Admin’s account.