Nonprofit Webinars 2022

Hey nonprofits!

In 2022 we’re looking forward to hosting more webinars created exactly for our nonprofit user base. Below are a few ideas , we welcome your feedback and even more suggestions so we can bring you the right content.

  1. Getting Started 101 for Admins (how to invite users, set up boards, get people to start using
  2. Getting Started 101 for Users (how to interact and communicate on boards, feature discovery)
  3. 201 - Dashboards & Automations/Integrations (interact with more advanced features once your boards are set up)

Any other specific topics you want to see? Share it here!


Great topics @lrosalanko :+1:
I think these contents will help a lot.

tags vs linking vs mirroring: scenarios for best times to use each

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Basic and Advanced walkthroughs are really helpful, especially when it showcases examples. Here goes some of my specific topics:

CRM/Acquisition of new members: how to enter notes about a contact using specific dates.

Donation management: showcase examples and important tools

Event management: also showcase examples and tools

Thanks e best regards,

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  • Grants or Fellowships management.

  • CRM from a non-profit point of view (not sales or fundraising or donations perspective).

  • PTO management for salaried and hourly employees.

  • Time tracking in general with formulas.


Outputting Board data to a form or letter (not email) would be super useful.

Also tips on the following (not sure if any of these are possible and I’ve just missed how to achieve them!):-

Using logic in forms (is this possible?)
Setting specific formats for numeric fields (when you don’t want a 123,456 format)
Setting default date values (other than ‘Today’)
Setting a specific ‘Country’ for phone numbers so that US is not the default
View/Restrict setting on Files columns

Thanks everyone for your amazing ideas - I’ll be incorporating these topics into our FAQ articles, webinar series, and future resources. Keep the ideas coming!

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My organisation has just started using as part of its project and task management and I want to ensure an effective implementation across the organisation. These webinars sound ideal, have they been scheduled?

Are there organisations that perhaps assist and offer training for organisations to ensure better implementation of by all staff?

Thanks for your thoughts!

We need a webinar on using a board for a volunteer HR CRM. We are a smaller nonprofit and rely more on volunteer data than most. Also, I’m just one day old to Monday!

Have you thought of creating a board for case management? Lot of nonprofits have small helplines/desks, I guess Support. But focus it on service, vs sales?

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