Option to open an item in a new tab - full screen

We would like the option to be able to (either with a right click or with a button) open an item in a new tab and have it as a full screen view.

The expected behavior for Ctrl+clicking a link in a browser, is for that link to open in a new tab.
That’s broken in many, many …many, places on monday.com
Usually it only triggers some random unrelated function instead.

For example: how do I open multiple items in new tabs without going through a butt-load of extra steps for each one instead of one simple Ctrl+click?

Clicking an item now, only opens the item in the same tab on some pages, or adds a checkbox next to the link on some, etc.

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Indeed, full-screen view of an item should be consistently used everywhere or at least always accessible. The “Pulse” right-side view of an item shows only a very limited set of often irrelevant parts of the whole item, blocking work while you search for a presentation of that item that would give you the right part of it to work on.

Ability to link to an exact view is always essential in a co-operation tool.

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