Order Timeline's groupings


I am currently working on a table that includes an overview of all our marketing efforts. I need the table to be displayed as a timeline, grouping the activities based on a certain label (detailing the area of the activity).
The rows created by the “group by” feature in the timeline seem to be randomly ordered (from up to down). Is there a way to set a fixed order, so that I can display the most important actions at the top of the timeline?


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Hey Daniele!

You mention that you’re grouping activities based on certain labels - are these labels stemming from a status column? I ask this as I wonder if you could take advantage of the sort feature, to sort by the status label? Alternatively, you could set up a priority column (which is also a status column) and sort by priority of tasks? Could this work for you?

Hi Bianca,

Jumping on this thread to see if there might be plans to offer some way to order grouping using people or dropdown columns also?

Hey Francis!

There are tentative plans to release this type of feature at the end of the quarter - stay tuned :eyes:

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