Part-time Monday Coordinator or Administrator Needed

We are an apparel manufacturing company in Los Angeles, and are looking to hire a Monday Coordinator or Administrator to work closely with our growing firm. We have implemented Monday, as best we can, but need a point person to serve as our administrator to help manage its daily maintenance, streamline its setup and processes, trouble shoot, and help us maximize it for our needs. This can be a remote position, with an estimated 2 hours a day of work on average, or 10 hours a week. Thank you for any referrals you may have.

Hey @jevans7799 !

Granted you are accepting remote applicants. Time zones are still sort of relevant.
Where are you located?


Good point! We are in Los Angeles, thanks!

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Hey @jevans7799,

This sounds like an exciting project. While I am unsure if CarbonWeb would be right for an administrative role, we would be happy to try and solve your setup and connection to other business tools in the mean time. I’d be happy to discuss your project if you want to schedule a time here: Schedule - Ricky.

Good luck!

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Hi @jevans7799

my name is Bianca, I’m located in Sydney, Australia and I have been working as a monday freelancer for about a year now, after working with monday in my previous role for two years. I work with many of my clients doing a similar kind of work. Many have mentioned that my prices are much cheaper than some of the agencies here as a freelancer I don’t have any overheads.
Would love to discuss more about what you’re looking for and see if I am a good fit.
Send me an email and we can organise a time to meet:
Happy to work to your timezone as well :slight_smile: