Price increase

Hi Monday,

I just received a pop-up in my Monday instance, saying our price will increase from
$708 to $960.

This is a whopping 36% increase in price.

To say that’s significant is an understatement, for any business. How do you justify this percentage increase please? Monday is a great product, and we are fans, but a price increase of this level stretches loyalty.


Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for raising this with us. Your feedback is super important and we’d be happy to look into your account further via private message to clarify precisely the circumstances around this update to your billing.

We’d also like to share some context as to why some of our customers might have noticed some changes in our pricing in the last year.

It’s been 4+ years since we last reviewed our pricing tiers, and we’re proud to say we’ve made some significant improvements to the platform, including faster performance (supported by the all new mondayDB), the release of Workdocs, improved security & privacy, vast expansion of our integrations and apps, monday AI assistant and many, many new features.

We’ve also up-leveled our support offering, introducing live chat and global support coverage to help you get the most out of monday and achieve those amazing workflows.

With that in mind, it’s essential for us to review and reassess our pricing strategy as our platform continues to evolve, and to remain in touch with your feedback to help us make those decisions.

We’ll follow up with you via a private message shortly to look at your account specifics, please keep an eye out for a message from myself :pray:

Thanks for your message Bianca. I’ve replied to your DM but haven’t heard back from you as yet?

Just got back to you Mark, thank you for your patience!

Bianca, nothing that you’ve said has justified a 36% increase in price.

That’s an unheard of price jump, and can’t be justified by what are regulation improvements to a software platform (privacy updates, docs, customer service functions, etc).

This has turned me from a massive Monday fan into a customer who will no longer be giving rave reviews to others considering the platform, and will consider alternatives at our next software review milestone.

So Mark got a 36% increase mid-year and I just got a notice that my 2024 rates are a 20% increase over that? Good lord!

It’s very hard to swallow isn’t it Raidoh? Because of these price increases we are seeing out the financial year with Monday (ending March 31st) and then will be downgrading our subscription to 1 seat, to retain the bare minimum of features we need here, while migrating our CRM data to another provider.

Same feeling here. Our 10 seat licence pro went from 1360€ to 1920€ (2022-2023), a 42% increase. Now this is another 18% rise announced for the next bill in february.
In two years, this is a 70% rise, this is insane.
We will also consider going to 5 seats

Yep, agreed. There are a lot of alternatives and while Monday really does have a lot of very good features, the price isn’t one of those. Maybe something the Monday team needs to be a little more aware off?

Hi everyone,

We see your comments and hear where you’re coming from. Please be aware that I will be sharing this thread with our dedicated team internally to review your feedback.

On that note, we do believe that our new pricing model reflects the added value aimed at helping you achieve all of your business goals, while remaining competitive in the market.

Since our last price increase, our platform has evolved significantly, bringing new features, faster speed, and stronger infrastructure to each of our users and accounts. I encourage you to check out our blog to explore some of these specific features and better understand the reasoning behind our price increase -

While we stand by our pricing model, it’s crucial for us to to emphasize that customer satisfaction and success are at the heart of everything does. As mentioned, your comments do not go unnoticed and will be shared with our billing team for careful consideration

Your loyalty and trust is always genuinely appreciated - there is so much more to come with the platform, that we can’t wait to share with you.