Quotes tracker template recomendaiton


My company receives quite a lot of quotes for all kinds of things that we have to do or produce.
Do you have any recommendation for a template to track all the quotes and their business info?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @SasiKamer,

Would our native app interest you, Quotes & Invoices on monday.com?

We also have an invoice tracking template available here, Invoice tracker template.

Let me know if this is along the lines of what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

hey @BiancaT

these template are not so helpful. the template or and the app are helpful if i want to track my company quotes we offer to our clients.
I need a template or app to track the quotes we get for services we use/buy. i mean if we need to buy for example 10 PCs than we get quotes from 3 different companies and we want to track the offers we get to choose the best offer.

do you have any recommendation?

thank you

Thanks for your reply, this is helpful to know! Do you currently receive these quotes via email? I ask this as I am interested in our email integration (with Outlook/Gmail) might be helpful for you here in logging specific emails/invoices?

Or alternatively, our Emails and Activities App that can log emails an attachments in one central place?

Hey @BiancaT

Thank you for the quick response.
We do get the quotes by email but attaching the file doesnt really help because we need all details such as item details, shipping date, price etc.

thank you.