"Rank: function

Hello. I’m currently a team of 1 in a sales environment. To increase productivity, I often create ad hoc reporting to rank metrics using simple google sheet/excel formula’s like “Rank”.

I don’t see that monday has an equivalent Rank function. Is there a work around?

Thank you.

Hi Sidney,

What are you trying to rank? All Items in a board, items without a group, SubItems?

Looking for a simpler way to write complex formulas? Check out the Advanced Formula Booster at https://mdboosters.com. It’s a convenient third-party app that simplifies formula writing. With it, you can spread your formulas across several lines, utilize variables, and access dozens of functions not found in the standard formula column.

Performance for my sales team realtime. Ranks would be at the item level as sub-items are used as steps in the sales process.

You could do it with the Advanced Formula Booster. I am leading this project which reinvents the formula concept in monday.com. It has numerous advantages among which a unique syntax editor and the ability to read/write items in the same group or board as the item you run the formula on.

Here is a quick demo:


I just wrote a blog article to explain how this is achieved with 2 lines of code:


Hope it helps.