[RELEASED] Monday UI React Components implementation

Hello fellow developers :wave:

I’ve started to play with the APIs for building an app and noticed there’s no implementation of Monday’s UI components. :upside_down_face:

for those of you who care for the look and feel of your app, I’ve started an open-source repo for implementing all of the design guidelines as stated here , hoping to implement a minimal set of UI components to build an app which will look native.


how can you help?
I’d be more than happy for pull requests and help with expanding or maintaining the repo.
If anyone from Monday’s dev team is reading this and would like to give a hand, that’d be awesome too!

Github Repo : https://github.com/kaminskypavel/monday-ui-components
StoryBook : Link
Progress board : Link


Hey there @kaminskypavel! :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your efforts here!! To be transparent with you, this looks incredible and I really appreciate you making this open to the public :slight_smile: From my end, I’ll pass this thread for our developers to take a further look as well and see if they would be able to assist with anything as well.

Posts like these make the community an amazing place to be in for me personally, so thanks again for having the sharing spirit.


Hi @AlexSavchuk , thanks for the feedback! I Appreciate it :grinning:

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happy to update that you can start using components by installing it directly from npm registery

I’ve also set up a demo how to use the components inside a CRA app.

you can find in the demo folder in repo!

just added a sweet Pill Component

as seen here image

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This is really amazing! I love that you keep on adding more and more things to this tool and helping other users get things done quicker :slight_smile:


Yo @kaminskypavel this awesome!

I’ve been working on a hook based system (an old version is published) for requesting Monday.com data. Would be fun to connect the two and have both a UI and Data Fetching library to simplify custom Widget and View development.

Repo: https://github.com/workos-network/workos-network-monorepo/tree/master/packages/react-monday


This is awesome… I’ll have a look on it tomorrow!

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If i had any skill i would help, this is something we are looking at funding, as we need a some kind of UI for entering customer data and retrieving it at out front counter. I cant wait to see what comes out of the hackathon. Well done guys. I started my programming journey a few weeks ago, its a slow game :slight_smile :slight_smile:

We just added an official components library for building monday apps!

@kaminskypavel and @kamescg – would love to see some of the components from your project be included in ours :slight_smile:

Learn more here: NEW: React Components for monday apps!

And read how to contribute your components here: Contributing Guidelines

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