[RELEASED] UI guidelines/components

Hi there,

I couldn’t find any UI guidelines or reusable components to use for developing third-party apps. Is this something available or is there any plans to have this in place?

Thank you.

Now it is not available, but we are actively working on building UI/UX guidelines to be publicly available for apps builders.
On later stages we are also planning to have a library of reusable components, which will implement UI guidelines out of the box.



Thank you Vlad.

Do you have any timeframe for releasing both the guidelines and the reusable components library?

Hey @v-appgami
We are planning to release guidelines in the next few weeks timeline.
About shared components library - we will start working on it in Q3, don’t have an exact timelines when it will be released yet, but we will keep you posted!

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Cool, thank you Vlad.

And, how about the Marketplace launch, is it on track to be launched by the end of Q3?

Thank you.

Hey @v-appgami,
We still do not have an official launch date for the marketplace.

We see it as a big milestone and we are working hard to launch as soon as we can,
but we want to make sure we provide both our developers community and clients a great experience.

Hey @v-appgami!
We are happy to announce, that we release today together with the Public version of the Apps framework our first version of the Design System (UI/UX Guidelines).
You can find it here: https://design.monday.com/03276924d/p/832859-introduction
It includes main guidelines, principles, colors, typography and some other components.

Hey @VladMonday, thank you, that’s great! Looks very neat, clean and organised!

I’m wondering if you guys are working on React components to implement the guidelines? As far as I can tell, what has been released is the UI guidelines, but there’s no codebase for reusing components, etc, right?

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Hi @v-appgami,

Correct, so far there are only the guidelines on designing components

I do believe that reusable components will be released in the future. I am not sure of an exact timeframe though

Hey @v-appgami!
As Mitchell said, for now we have published only UI/UX Guidelines, without actual components implementation. But we definitely have this in our roadmap and I will keep you posted on our progress in this front.

Thanks, it’s great.

Could we provide color challenged users with very distinct colors only?

That would limit the number of available colors but I am confident we could augment it using stripes.

Hi @VladMonday.

Just noticed that this page is showing broken icons: https://design.monday.com/03276924d/p/47b849-icons

Maybe this is something you guys could fix?

Thank you.

Hey @v-appgami
I’m seeing all the icons correctly, what exactly is broken?

You’re right, I might just have been unlucky. I can see them now, maybe it was just a temporary glitch.

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Hey folks! We now have an official React component library for monday apps :slight_smile: Check it out!