Remove bullet points when pasting into new items

When pasting a bullet pointed list from a quote into the items list, each bullet point icon comes up as it’s own item line that we then have to delete. Could this be changed so that the bullet point icons are removed when pasting into item lists?

Hey Tom!

Can you confirm where you’re copying these bulleted lists from? I am not able to reproduce this on my end, so would like to rule out any bugs here :pray:

I was copying and pasting from a pdf. I’ll send some more screen shots when I’m in the office


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Hi Bianca,

Here are a word version and a PDF version.

The pdf version adds extra lines for the bullet points which was my issue yesterday, the word version adds bullet points before, which is okay, but would be better if they were removed

Kindest regards

(Attachment Bullet point trial.pdf is missing)

Unfortunately the pdf version got rejected by your email

Hey Tom - having tested this on my end, I am not encountering the same behaviour.

Whilst the bullet points are pulled into items, no extra lines are created:

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 9.10.43 am

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via incase they can further investigate this behaviour. You’re welcome to message me your email so I can keep an eye on the case :pray:

What about when copying from a PDF?