Reports by Screenful — Beautiful custom reports with charts and diagrams for Monday

G’day community! :wave:

Today I’m excited to share the Reports by Screenful app for, which won a Staff Picks prize in the recent Monday Apps Challenge! :tada:

The app is an easy-to-use business intelligence solution for, which allows you to create reports of your task data and share them via email or Slack.

:point_right: Click here to install the app! :point_left:

You can use the app by creating a board view to your table and choosing Reports by Screenful as the view. You can use it as a standalone app in the browser, but you must have the app installed on Monday first.

If you have any questions or feedback — feel free to get in touch with us at

Have a nice day and happy reporting! :heart:

The Reports by Screenful are available on Marketplace!

If you spend any time constructing reports of your projects, you’ll find out this product can automate a large part of that manual work. You’ll have to set up a report once, and you’ll get the latest data delivered to your inbox at your preferred frequency.

How it works? — Watch demo

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Key features

Fully customizable reporting

With the new Reports product, we started with the assumption that the user wants to customize each and every detail. When it comes to reporting, one size does not fit all. That includes all the texts, charts, colors, and the overall layout.

The basic building block of a report is a custom chart. Since custom charts are highly customizable, that provides a good foundation for a customizable report. You can add any number of charts and reorder them by drag & drop. You can also add text fragments between the chart to include your own comments or descriptions.

A single report can contain as many charts and task lists as you wish, and you can combine data from multiple projects or boards.

Drag & drop report editor

In the new Reports product, you have two main navigation items on the top: Charts and Reports. You can create a new report by clicking Add new report on the top right when you’re in the Reports tab.

Once you’re in the editor, you can start adding sections to your report, with charts or text fragments.

You can add as many sections as you want, and you can configure each of them separately so that you can capture all key information in one report.

Schedule and share reports

In addition to viewing a report or downloading it as a PDF, reports can be scheduled to be shared via email or Slack (to start with, other tools will follow). To schedule a report, click the three dots next to any of the reports in the list and select Schedule from the menu.

The scheduling view is opened, which allows you to select the frequency (daily/weekly/monthly), and the time of day when the report will be sent.

Once the schedule is saved, the report will be sent as a PDF attachment via email to the selected recipients. When you click the attachment, the report is shown:

So, why wait…Install Reports by Screenful and send your ideas and feedback at