Retry policy for non-200 HTTP status response

Hi devs,
is this policy correct?

As far as I can see in our tests, when a non-200 HTTP status is returned, monday retries every 30 secs for 10 times, then stops.

Hi @rob

I see the same, the retry is every 30 seconds (not minutes). Furthermore I am suffering from the retry policy on the subscribe event (custom action). This is retried on every non-200 status for 3 times. So, when you want to warn the user that they already configured this one on the board the user will get 3 warnings. Already discussing this with appsupport team but they are not taking this very seriously.

I don’t understand that if I send “402 - payment required” monday retries in 30 seconds. What do they expect for a reply. Do they think somebody pays in 30 seconds? :slight_smile:

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I’ve already suggest to add a last_attempt property to the request, in order to know that there won’t be further retries. That’s when we could send a notification to the customer, avoiding duplicates.
Monday devs are considering this suggestion.

That would also be a good solution. I am discussing that they need to react differently on different non-200 codes, or even better use the Retry-After response header when I send a 429. See Retry-After - HTTP | MDN