Save dashboard as a template

Hello, I have a requirement, we need can to use a panel as a template as to the board is possible.

Hi @C.qhdz,

Would you be happy to elaborate a little further on your request here? Can you clarify what you mean by panel? :pray:

Hello Bianca, thank you so much for the fast response, we need that the panels to be able to be saved as templates, just as boards can be turned into templates currently, or failing that, an entire flow of boards and the panels connected to them can be saved within a folder, and then we can install the complete folder with your flow already configured.

When you say panels are you referring to automations? :slight_smile:

Hi Bianca, not, I refer to a dashboard with its respective widgets.


This would be so helpful! I am in the middle of setting up over a dozen dashboards, one for each of our functional areas, and have to do it by duplicating. Duplicating works, a dashboard template would be even better!

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Would love to see this enhancement - we’re currently generating a range of dashboards and now having to go back and correct each one. Having a template we can adjust once and then apply to all (just like board templates) would create efficiencies and save a lot of time.

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