Shopify & Monday Integration

In 2022 we brought a second Shopify store board into Monday. The first Shopify store was setup with Monday’s built-in Shopify integration (2020).

When we went to add the second store this year, we realized Monday had removed the integration due to Shopify’s changes on the back end.

We are really hoping Monday will bring back the built-in integration they originally had - Shopify is a widely used ecomm platform and I am sure many Monday users are annoyed they can’t easily pull in Shopify orders with the order URL. Such a simple feature but man do we miss it.

I couldn’t agree more @a07, this is a function we miss as well. Since it’s departure we have gone to integrating Shopify and monday via Not as simplistic as the original integration but does offer a lot of control.


Hmm we have been using Zapier - does send through the order URL? Zapier does not.

Hi @a07 - I dont think so, but you can just create it on the fly as the orderID is sent along:

https://[shop_name][orderID] then store it in a link or text column in monday.


I built a first version of a Shopify Integration on the marketplace . I will be happy to add more integration recipes if there is a some considerable interest in this integration.

Your experience with integrating Shopify and Monday showcases how software changes can impact workflows. It’s frustrating when a feature that was once available becomes unavailable due to external changes.
The convenience of easily pulling in Shopify orders with order URLs can indeed streamline processes for many users. I understand how that simple yet effective feature could be missed.

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