Sorting new Cards View for Board

Is there a way to sort in the new cards view? Right now, we are exploring this as an option for our team that is tracking applicants’ statuses in an HR oriented workflow but we aren’t seeing this as an option. Are we missing something or should we be making a feature request?

Hi @cmulligan07 :wave:

Thanks for trying out the new Card View widget!
Are you able to perhaps expand a little on how you’d like to be able to sort within the card view?
Are you perhaps looking to rearrange the order of the fields within the Card widget? If so, we are working to add drag and drop abilities to the Card View.

If possible, it would be really useful to see a screenshot of your board to get an idea of your workflow and the data that you’re looking to sort - we can then provide some more information and confirm if this is possible or not! :slight_smile:


I have a different use-case, but can provide some insight on how I would use a sort feature within cards: I am a social media manager and love the visual look that the Cards-view offers. But unfortunately, they seem to sit in the order that they were added to the board. I’d love to be able to choose a column (from the main table) to sort by (ex: by date)

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This is a sorely needed feature, it appears to have existed before but was removed at some point:

The sort option does not appear in card view.



Hi all, is this feature back yet?

This article says ‘sort’ exists but I do not see it at all on my Cards view. I would like to sort my cards view by dates. Fully appreciate there is a ‘date filter’ but this isn’t helpful. I just want to know all my due dates starting with the earliest to the latest in a single view. Thx!

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Any update on when this feature will be available? The cards appear scrambled, and we need to be able to sort them by process step.

I’m using the cards widget in a dashboard board view to show items in a video library. I need to sort this view - specifically, so the new items appear first. It appears to show them in order of upload, which isn’t helpful at all.

I’m in need of the same thing. Any update here?

Any update on this feature? I need to be able to sort by date.