Split Text using a formula


Im trying to split text into columns:
For example to split full name to columns --> First name & Last name.
Anyone can help with this formula?

This should get you started…

Formula for first name:

LEFT({Full Name}, SEARCH(" ", {Full Name})-1)

Formula for last name:

RIGHT({Full Name}, LEN({Full Name})- SEARCH(" ", {Full Name}))

To keep from getting the error “!” when Full Name is blank, look at these…
Formula for first name:

IF(LEN({Full Name})>0,LEFT({Full Name}, SEARCH(" ", {Full Name}&" ")-1),"")

Formula for last name:

IF(LEN({Full Name})>0,RIGHT({Full Name}, LEN({Full Name})- SEARCH(" ", {Full Name}&" "),"")

Perfect!! Thank you very much!!