Status Change timestamps via API? - automation + formula

Hi all - I’m wondering there’s any way to access a timestamp whenever a status changed so we can calculate days-in-status?

For example, we have a status of “Registration” and “Discovery” and we want to measure the amount of time that elapsed between the the status of “Registration” was first applied and when it was changed to “Discovery” and put that in a report.

Is this possible?

Yes you can access it with the “additional_info” property.
it returns a JSON and if you parse it you’ll get a “changed_at” value.

boards(ids: [354865738]) {
items {
column_values {


Assuming that you might not want to have to use the API to access the change date/time info, you might consider creating a date column for the date you want to capture then use this automation to update the value:

Hey @SADA-Jon ~ Welcome tot he Community! :wave:

As @JCorrell mentioned, I believe using an automation could help you achieve this when also used in tandem with a formula column!

For example, if you add a date column to track when each status was changed and use this automation, you can see when each date was changed:

From there, you can use the DAYS() function in The Formula Column to count the number of days that have passed between these two dates:

DAYS({Date of Discovery}, {Date of Registration})

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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