Subtracting Workdays

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to create a formula for my work board.
I need to include the due date, that must be 1 day before the publishing date (ignoring weekends). So I needed help with a formula to subtract 1 workday.

The current formula I use is
But it doesn’t work if the Publishing Date is on Mondays.

Any ideas?
Thank you

Hi Pedro,

You need to check first what day of the week your publishing date is. You do this with

WEEKDAY({Publishing Date},1)

This returns 1 for Monday, 2 for Tuesday, etc.

So, if it is a monday, you remove 3 days, if not 1 day:

IF(WEEKDAY({Publishing Date},1)=1,ADD_DAYS({Publishing Date},-3),ADD_DAYS({Publishing Date},-1))

To keep the same formatting you used in your formula:

FORMAT_DATE(IF(WEEKDAY({Publishing Date},1)=1,ADD_DAYS({Publishing Date},-3),ADD_DAYS({Publishing Date},-1)), "MMM-DD")

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Thanks! It worked just fine!
I just added one more line of code to make it work for Sundays too.

FORMAT_DATE(IF(WEEKDAY({Previsão de Publicação},1)=1,ADD_DAYS({Previsão de Publicação},-3), IF(WEEKDAY({Previsão de Publicação},1)=7,ADD_DAYS({Previsão de Publicação},-2),ADD_DAYS({Previsão de Publicação},-1))), "MMM DD")