Table widget - set default view to collapse groups

We would love to be able to set the default view for the table widget to show all boards/groups collapsed. The current setup has every group in every board expanded on initial view.

We use the dashboard table widget a lot, and there are always several boards on a dashboard. Being able to see all the boards (names) on the initial view and then expanding the boards and groups as needed would be better than having to collapse everything or scroll forever to get to whichever board we want to access first.

Agree, i would like to see the same feature. We have the same content but in a lot of groups on the same board and jumping into the board, it would help if we could save the collapsed view to see just the groups, all at once. if i found the group i’m looking for, i can expand it. Just imagine it like using a FAQ on a website.

yes, this is a very useful feature to add, because when you got several groups and items per group, the teammates could get lost or confused with so much lines on their screens.