Updates to the "users" object

We added a new field and argument to the users object to expand its functionality:

  1. The last_activity field returns the last date and time the user was active.
  2. The name argument allows you to conduct a fuzzy search of users by name.

Check out all of the details about these updates in our documentation!


Hi Rachel, could you explain what kind of fuzzy search by name is allowed in detail? I tested it out, but couldn’t get what the fuzzy pattern is. Thanks!

Hello there @OktaDev,

The fuzzy search will use search algorithms to find strings that match patterns approximately. We do not expose the algorithms being used but for example, if you use a query like this one with a typo for my name (Matias):

  users(name: "matis") {

You will still get the user “Matias” in the results.

I hope that helps!


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Thanks, yeah, I see.