User created/customizable text for Conversations

Similar to predictive text, I’d like to be able to pre-write some common responses or questions to use in conversations. Monday already has “Ask for an Update” and the “thumbs up” icon, but I’d like to expand that to include a list of user defined phrases to use in conversations.

I’m imagining a new button of “custom responses list” under the update/reply bubble and next to "Add files, GIF, Emoji, & Mention that opens a list of canned/pre-written phrases to be inserted into the conversation bubble.
Here’s a couple of examples of how it could be applied:
Project managers often need to ask for specific things from multiple tasks, this would simplify accomplishing that.
Example 1 (Project Manager): often needs to write, “If you’ve finished this task, please change the status to DONE. If not, I’m waiting for an update from you on the status.”
Example 2 (Task Owner - Legal): often need to provide this update, “TM compliance checks completed, with no issues identified.”