V1 API - current user profile

Hi, We have to use the v1 API at the moment; yes, understand goes away soon.

Does there exist an endpoint to retrieve the current user id / email, similar to other APIs, e.g., something such as https://api.monday.com/v1/me, e.g., Hubspot’s is https://api.hubapi.com/integrations/v1/me.

We’re unable to find in the v1 Guide on Support or the v1 Docs on developer.monday.com.

P.S. will eventually need for V2 and can’t locate corresponding GraphQL endpoint either.


thanks; are you aware of the equivalent call / endpoint for v1?

Thus me endpoint is not available, if you know your ID you can use users endpoint to get details in v1 API.

As written in documentation, be aware that v1 API will stop working on 15 Oct 2020.

Thanks on both; yes, aware of v1 retirement; backend for this code base doesn’t support GraphQL yet, so was hoping was pathway to get working temporarily on v1.

Same platform also requires me or equivalent query support, so may be blocked for moment. Outside chance can do via Zapier or other third party integration, however, those platforms generally don’t support retrieve this board sorts of calls, more things like new pulse notifies, hence the need for direct integration.

I don’t get what you mean.

yes, exactly - was saying that’s why those platforms aren’t an option, hence why we’re doing the direct integration



I mean that I don’t understand what you mean. :grin:
Not that Zapier and Integromat don’t work.


  1. the underlying platform we’re using doesn’t support APIs with GraphQL, hence can’t use Monday v2
  2. same platform requires that APIs have defined current user endpoint e.g., /me, which is fairly standard
  3. Monday v1 API doesn’t appear to have /me equivalent, so appear to be blocked using that
  4. third party tools aren’t option afaik, since we need “read table” and not just “new row”
  5. so will have to find way to add GraphQL support to underlying backend for Monday



If your platform supports v1, it should support v2 too. You need to change your queries, but the technology required by API v1 and v2 is the same.

Integromat supports API v1 and v2 completely, so you can read the table/board.
What I understand is that you are trying to get user details in other moments that are not triggered by an action (like adding new item or changing a value).
You can use Integromat scheduling functionality for this purpose.

  • don’t have access to core for this particular backend to add GraphQL support, hence the v1/v2 issue
  • will give Integromat another look – wasn’t aware they supported table reads – might be enough for baseline MVP