Webinar How to build a CRM in monday.com

We at Omnitas Consulting are proud to host a webinar about monday.com as a CRM-system.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a monday.com beginner or if you have been using it for five years. In our upcoming webinar, Fredrik Kastenholm will share some valuable tips and guidelines, and walk you through the features that makes monday.com such a great CRM.

Some highlights:

  • Contact, company opportunity structure
  • Managing several contacts per company/ opportunity
  • Converting lead to opportunity
  • Auto connecting items
  • Comunihub for email communication and activities
  • Sales insight, forecast and statistics
  • duplicate checker
  • Holistic client information
  • How to manage order lines in monday.com

May 10th @ 18:00 CET
Registration link (press here)

Hope to see all of you!


Hi Frederik, I didn’t see this notification in time, and missed the webinar, is there a recording you could share please?


Here is the link to the recording:

Thanks Thomas, that’s super helpful.

When will the advanced session be please?



Use a call to discuss, and email to confirm.

Andy Clayton
Petra Coach Europe
Certified Petra Coach
Mobile: 07948891846
Email: andyclayton@petracoach.com


Currently not scheduled yet.
If you want help building a CRM in monday we can set up a dedicated kickoff session for you

Actually it’s for one of our clients. We are a coaching consulting company, and we help our clients implement monday.com to a basic level, but what you’re doing is more advanced, so I’m wondering if you may be able to help them.
Do you have a shorter version of the webinar video, more like the ones on the monday.com site, where there’s less chat, and more direct instruction, maybe just 4-5 mins long?

I see @AndyClayton
We are currently in the process of creating all our solution pages and collaterals. We will not have any advanced videos in a while.

You could however book a 30 min web meeting directly with @FredrikEricson through his Calendly link. Fredrik will be able to discuss more advance use cases and CRM builds as well as discuss how we can help you and your client.

Thanks so much Thomas, I have booked in a call for next week.

Andy Clayton
Lead Coach and Founder
079488 91846


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