Week number Formula Setup (Non- Cumulative)

Hi everyone,
I need help with a formula. I have a deal closed date and want to assign a non-cumulative week number to each date. For example, if the close date is 05-Dec-2023, it should be week #01. Note that I want to calculate weeks on a monthly basis with each month having up to 4 weeks.

Hey Shoaib!

Could you show a screenshot of the columns that you want to use in the formula so we can tinker with a formula for you? :blush:

Also, our support team has a designated formula team that can help you with this! Reach out here and send them some screenshots and we can get a formula working for you in no time :blush:

Hi Shoaib,

It depends what you call a week. If the first of the month is a Friday, and the close date is a Monday, is Monday in week #2 (week #1 is the week of the 1st and Monday is not in that week) or week #1 (there are less than 7 days difference between the 1st and the close date).

In the first case, you want to substract the WeekNum of the 2 dates.

WEEKNUM({Close Date})-WEEKNUM(DATE(Year({Close Date}),Month({Close Date}),1))

In the second case, you want to compare the Day of the 2 dates:

INT(DIVIDE(DAY({Close Date})-DAY(FORMAT_DATE(DATE(Year({Close Date}),Month({Close Date}),1),"YYYY-MM-DD")),7))


Curious to know how that same formula would look in the Advanced Formula Booster, the 3rd party app that makes it so easy to write formulas, does not use the Formula column but rather can write to any type of columns?