Weird behavior regarding creating/updating links


It is possible to create a link without http(s) but its impossible to update it without http(s). That is confusing. Is http(s) mandatory? If so the documentation should say so and it shouldn’t allow a link creation without it.
Also is it possible to get something more explicit than a 500 error on that type of errors?
I lost like 2 hours on it :’(


Would love to know more about this, so we can help. Where are you adding these links, and what do they refer to?


I’m adding these links in a link type column.
I’m able to create a link using but i can’t update a link using I have to add to be able to update it.
IMO it should work the same on creation and update.

Hey Mathieu,

That’s interesting! In the UI, the link column will add the http:// prefix if your link doesn’t already contain it – I suspect this behaviour is causing the issue. I’ll pass this along to our developers as a bug. In the meantime, I’d suggest using http:// as a prefix to all links to ensure they go through :slight_smile: