What is session token? I can't get the session token using monday.get("sessiontoken") method in monday-sdk

Whenever I am trying to call the following code, it returns an error as follows

.then((token) => { 
  // send token to backend
  // On backend, call jwt.verify(token.data, 'MY_CLIENT_SECRET') 

It returns the following error -

Token: method: 'get', args: {…}, requestId: '7gj78ik', 
clientId: undefined,
version: '0.1.6'}
args: params: undefined
type: "sessionToken"
[[Prototype]]: Object
clientId: undefined
method: "get"
requestId: "7gj78ik"
version: "0.1.6"

why ‘clientID’ is undefined ? Also, what to do with this session token ? does it have any expiration time? can I use ‘session-token’ instead of ‘access-token’ received from OAuth?

I figured out what the problem was. I was trying to get session token on ‘localhost’, but it didn’t work. I would suggest converting localhost into ‘ngrok https’ link and then try it out into monday’s board views.