Where is the red dot?

Hi Monday.

I like how you manage the updates now in that animated sidebar. But I haven’t seen any updates or red dots on this sidebar for quite a while.

Has development stopped or what is going on?


Hey @Emil, I’d love to help here! That being said want to make sure I understand what you’re looking for—would you mind sending a picture of the sidebar where you are looking to see the updates or red dots? Then I’ll have a visual understanding of what you’re looking for.

I do not believe you understood @Emil correctly. Emil likes the new Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 11.54.38 PM sidebar update box but has noticed that there haven’t been any updates since over 1 month ago. Monday.com has been pretty consistent with updates and I believe Emil, just like I, miss seeing new features/updates to Monday.com.


Hey @Adrian, thanks for the clarification! You definitely helped me understand what @Emil was looking for :blush:

I checked in with the developers on our side about this, and this is what they said:

"We’ve removed the red dot deliberately because we find it distracting. Instead - the “present” icon will change background color to relay that there are new updates.

However - we’ve had technical difficulties posting new updates lately, and we are working on it. "

Hoping we’ll have more cool updates in this section soon!

You hit then nail on the head. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: