Why does the App Subscription API request return an array?

The API documentation for the app subscription mentions that the response returns an array: App subscription. Is it possible for there to be multiple app subscriptions for an app so that more than one result is returned by this API request?

The reason why I’m asking is because I want to determine which app subscription is currently active. If multiple results are returned, how do I know which subscription is the active one?

Also, am I understanding it correctly that this API request will only return the app subscriptions for my current app and not other apps the user may have installed for their account?

Thanks for the help!

Hello there @PluginGenie,

Each account has only one subscription to each app (according to the current plan). You will not get multiple subscriptions in the response. If an account has a mock subscription and a real one, it will only return the mock subscription.

You are correct. This will return the subscription to your current app, based on the token being used.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:


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